VMware Validated Designs 4.1

 VMware Validated Designs (VVD) provide the most comprehensive and extensively tested blueprints to build and operate a Software-Defined Data Center.

A VMware Validated Design is composed of a standardized, scalable architecture design backed by VMware’s technical expertise and a VMware software “bill of materials” comprehensively tested for integration and interoperability.

Detailed guidance that synthesize VMware best practices on how to deploy, integrate and operate the SDDC is provided as part of a VMware Validated Design to aid end-users ensure performance, availability, security and operational efficiency. VMware Validated Designs are available in a variety of use cases that can build on each other, enabling a modular approach to deploying the VMware SDDC

VMware recently released version 4.1 of the VVD for the Software Defined Data Center.

VVD v4.1 Updates
-Updated Bill of Materials that incorporates new product versions
-New consolidated SDDC architecture that is an alternative to the standard architecture reducing startup cost and hardware footprint
-The Cloud Management Platform design now uses vRealize Orchestrator that is embedded in the vRealize Automation Appliance
-You can now deploy VMware Validated Design Use Cases by using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
-Now provides a scenario-based guidance about proactive monitoring of your SDDC leveraging the Intelligent Operations capabilitiies of vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Log Insight.
-New naming scheme for the SDDC nodes for consistency between infrastructure components providing the ability to without adding operational overhead
-Overview of the footprint of the SDDC management components
-vSAN and vRealize Business metrics are now available in vRealize Operations Manager
-Log data from the OS of the management virtual appliances is now available in vRealize Log Insight

To view more information and download the associated documentation, please go to the VMware Validated Designs page.

The full size VVD poster can be downloaded from here.

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